What is FireWav?

FireWav is the first-ever audio app designed for the ‘ears of gamers’ — to truly hear more of what’s in the audio of every video game.

FireWav uses new audio science and patented audio algorithms to enhance game audio in real time to realistic “live-like” quality, without external DACs or expensive equipment.

The result is dramatically improved audio - hearing and distinguishing every sound; with improved location detection, dialog intelligibility, and increased player focus & endurance.

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“The gaming experience with FireWav is like no other.”

Brendan Falconer (Professional Fortnite player for 100 Thieves, California)

“FireWav is futuristic audio technology. It enhances every sound possible.”

MiniNInja (Professional Content Creator, UK)
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“FireWav has become a daily use application for me. After countless hours playing and experimenting with the algorithm, I can’t imagine myself gaming without it.”

J.T. (Minnesota)

“FireWav has not only made me a better gamer, but also given me a much better gaming experience. I can’t imagine switching back.”

Jared B. (California)

“I can hear a LOT more…very easy on the ears…it’s like playing a different game.”

Surveyed gamer

“I’ve tested FireWav … and was impressed by it to say the least. I used it in both gaming and listening to music and it greatly increased the directional sound in game and the overall experience of music.”

Cort I. Video Game


- Hyper Audio clarity to hear and distinguish every sound.

- Heightened Dialog intelligibility, improved definition & detail for sharpness, immediacy and understanding.

- Soundstage Width and Depth for more expansive audio, improved location detection and heightened perception.

A table showing the benefits of FireWav attributes to video gamers.
A table showing the benefits of FireWav attributes to video gamers.


- Enhanced Musical Balance enhances both in-game and out-of game audio experiences.

- Totally Immersive experience improves the best video.

- Dramatically Reduced Listener Fatigue with enhanced emotional experience restoring and heightening alertness and focused-attention — and improving engagement, enjoyment & endurance.

That’s Not All

Research Studies Have Reinforced Gamers’ Desire For “Comfort” While They Play.

Hundreds of headsets are tested and rated for sound quality and reviewed for a sense of price vs. value tradeoff. Yet, the one factor never ignored is comfort. One reviewer’s sentiment: “If after a half hour you feel like ripping your headset off, no matter how high its sound quality rates, it’s not for you and your ability to stay in a game is taken away.”

Gamers will stick with something physically comfortable rather than lose their ability to remain in game-mode! Even at the risk of having “less” audio quality.

When we created FireWav, our goal was a solution that addresses audio quality and leaves the delivery of audio to others. We remove speakers, headphones and DAC choice dilemmas from the conversation.

Choose the headset you like to wear, because FireWav makes them ALL sound better!