FireWav – The App

FireWav is the first audio algorithm to restore the sub-audible cues, missing in ALL digital music.

Through sophisticated analysis and real time conversion of an audio track, the result is an easy to install and use software app that enhances every gaming audio experience.

FireWav for PC gamers requires no special equipment, add-on software or plugins. There are no other requirements and no other purchases necessary for FireWav to work.

FireWav creates a dramatic new audio experience with your existing computer, and headphones or speakers.

Once you install it, FireWav just works. An integrated adjustable EQ (Equalizer) and built in Limiter are easily accessed in the FireWav user interface.

No dashboards, no mobile apps required, no new windows to keep open — just the simple-to-use, dramatic audio enhancement you have been looking for!

How FireWav Works

How FireWav Works

Simple Setup & Processing:

1. Capture audio from any sound card or audio driver

2. Real time processing by patented FiDef algorithm

3. FireWav audio out to any headphone or speaker

FireWav Improves Fortnite

Fortnite is notorious for its less than stellar audio. Directional audio is virtually nonexistent.  Details are lost because they can’t be heard, or location can’t be determined, or some effects are over-ridden by other audio. There are a lot of expensive hardware and surround sound “solutions” proposed. But, FireWav is a new enhancement algorithm that works with any, or none, of these proposed solutions. 


FiDef technology provides the basis for FireWav’s unique profiles for gamers. FiDef is a file conversion algorithm that analyzes every audio file type and creates, and adds, highly correlated sub-audible cues to the file.

  • FireWav improves audio quality no matter the audio file type or the delivery mechanism.
  • There are NO expensive hardware upgrades or special devices to buy.
  • It works in expensive studio monitors, bookshelf speakers or computers. It works in the best headphones or earbuds.


The result is an amazing audio experience!  Audio that turns two channel, two dimensional audio into a wider and deeper soundstage with all the detail, dialog intelligibility and warmth that’s second only to being out in nature

An image of the 5 major listening attributes of FireWav, with the benefits to gamers tag lines Faster Response and More Endurance

With FireWav:

  • Detail, Intelligibility and 3D Soundstage = FASTER RESPONSE
  • Balance and Engagement = INCREASED ENDURANCE
  • More emotional engagement and less listening fatigue = PLAY LONGER

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