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Welcome to the purchase FireWav page.  You are only a couple steps away from trying the newest and best streaming audio enhancement application for video gamers.

Once you click the Download Free Trial Here button below, you will be directed to a pop up window to complete the Free Trial registration.  The download will start automatically.

FireWav is delivered in a zipped file.  Click it to uncompress the file and reveal a folder with the FireWav_Installer.exe application.  The other files in the folder are instruction guides to answer your questions.

Click FireWav_Installer.exe to automatically install the algorithm, its audio driver and to set the audio settings.

Your trial will last for 7 days.  At that point, if you wish to continue to use FireWav, you must request an authentication code from within the FireWav App Setup window.  The App will ask you for your email.  It will then redirect you to the shopping cart to complete the purchase. Our system will confirm your authentication request and open a new window with your receipt and an activation key.  The system will also send you an authentication code.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact us at and we will work with you to resolve your concerns.

Thank you,

The FireWav Team

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