Press Release Supplemental Information

Fideliquest is an audio enhancement algorithm and software development company located in Minnesota.  “FiDef “and “FireWav” are the Company’s first two commercially available products.

FiDef ( dramatically increases the quality of sound based on new discoveries about how audio is recorded, amplified and distributed. More importantly, these are discoveries about what modern digital recording and production technologies strip out of natural audio signals. FiDef is the first and only technology that focuses on the essence of audio by calculating and inserting the lost natural triggers back into recorded sound to make it come alive to the listener. FiDef is a file conversion process designed for music professionals and delivered in workstation plug-in forms, including ProTools and .vst.

FireWav ( is a real time streaming application based on the FiDef algorithm and focused on the video gaming market.  FireWav gives a gamer a competitive edge.  Sound effects are much more directional, vivid, and have greater impact. Voices are clearer and more understandable, inflection is dramatically improved, and the overall sound field has much more of a three-dimensional feel to it.  With FireWav gamers hear more, play faster and play longer – a winning edge.

An image of the 5 major listening attributes of FireWav, with the benefits to gamers tag lines Faster Response and More Endurance

The FireWav equalizer is a Graphic Equalizer or graphic EQ. In a graphic EQ, the audio spectrum is divided into bands with each band assigned a specific fader or knob. Each fader/knob will boost the frequency range, lower it, or leave it alone. The FireWav EQ has five bands arranged horizontally and a vertical scale measuring plus and minus dB (decibels) to aid consistent positioning of the faders.

The FireWav EQ frequency bands were studied and carefully chosen in concert with and based on the frequency parameters inherent in the FireWav core audio profiles.

  • Lo – 0 Hz to 80 Hz
  • Lo Mid – 80 Hz to 320 Hz
  • Mid – 320 Hz to 1,280 Hz
  • Mid Hi – 1,280 Hz to 5,120 Hz
  • Hi – 5,120 Hz to 20,000 Hz